Pikachu, I'll Eat YOU!

Pikachu, I’ll Eat YOU!

Ryan | Comic Archive | August, 12 2010

By: Ryan Fisher

While sitting in a Jack in the Box drive-thru  humming the theme song to “Digimon” (my brother was into it pretty heavy when he was a kid), the question hit me.  Do the Pokemon trainers eat meat?

My knowledge of the Pokemon universe is pretty limited, but I do know this, all of the “animals” in the world have been replaced by Pokemon. Also my basic understanding in the culinary process has led me to believe that the meat I enjoy, actually did come from an animal… therefore, if a Poke-trainer were to eat meat, then he would be eating Pokemon… correct? Is the desire to “collect ‘em all” an attempt at an “all you can eat” buffet?

Yeah I know, it’s one of those odd questions that’s going to swim through your head all day, at least it did for me. Which led to this bizarre and vile thing. Hopefully you can find a similar outlet, if not, your head may explode.

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