DC Comics Close the Door on Wildstorm and ZUDA

Ryan | Blog | September, 21 2010

It seems that DC imprint, WildStorm comics will fall just short of reaching the twenty year milestone as DC comics has announced the cancellation of the imprint this December; 18 years after it took the comic community by storm. This is sad news as WildStorm was one of the few, successful, long running imprints still standing strong, but rest assured that if you loved the characters in the WildStorm universe, they are not gone as you can read on in the official press release seen here.

In the release DC went on to clarify that,  “In this soft marketplace, these characters need a break to regroup and redefine what made them once unique and cutting edge. While these will be the final issues published under the WildStorm imprint, it will not be the last we will see of many of these heroes. We, along with Geoff Johns, have a lot of exciting plans for these amazing characters, so stay tuned.”

When it comes to the closure of ZUDA, the online experiment from DC, Lee had the following to say; “The material that was to have been published as part of ZUDA this year will now be published under the DC banner,” read the statement. “The official closing of ZUDA ends one chapter of DC’s digital history, but we will continue to find new ways to innovate with digital, incorporating much of the experience and knowledge that ZUDA brought into DC.”

WildStorm was founded by Jim Lee in 1992 as one of the original divisions of Image Comics.  DC comics came in and bought the rights to WildStorm in 1999, with Lee remaining as editorial director. Popular WildStorm comics include WildC.A.T.S., Gen 13, and highly influential comics Stormwatch and The Authority.


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